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Stony Point Surgery Center Charity Care Exceeds $1.1 Million in 2010
Partnerships with Access Now and CrossOver Ministry provide help patients in need throughout Central Virginia.

Richmond, VA, February 9, 2011 Each year, Stony Point Surgery Center volunteers time, services and financial aid through its Charity Care Program in order to make healthcare more accessible to the less fortunate in the Richmond area. In 2010, Stony Point Surgery Center, Virginia's largest outpatient surgery center, provided over $1.1 million in charity care, offering ophthalmological and optometric care through two Richmond-based non-profits: Access Now and CrossOver Ministry.

"We strive to always provide quality healthcare for those less fortunate in our community," explains Bruce P. Kupper, CEO of Stony Point Surgery Center, "and are always looking for new ways to meet the growing demand for charity care"

Stony Point Surgery Center's partnership with Access Now provides extended care, eye treatments and surgeries free of charge to over 800 patients in need throughout the Richmond metropolitan area each year. One physician in particular, Geoffrey Cooper, M.D., recently operated on an Access Now patient at no cost. Stony Point Surgery Center also partners with CrossOver Ministry and, together, the two organizations have provided ophthalmological services at Cross Over Ministries' facilities to hundreds of uninsured patients over the last five years. Especially with the expansion of CrossOver Ministry in the West End near Regency Mall, many physicians at Stony Point Surgery Center are excited to donate their time and services to the free clinic, which now offers a full continuum of healthcare services such as family medicine, primary care, dental care, obstetrics and pediatrics.

"We're so grateful to [Stony Point Surgery Center] because over the years they have done hundreds of services for diabetics [who are in need of eye exams]," explains Julie Bilodeau, Director of Operations for CrossOver Ministry.

Providing charity care throughout Richmond is an ongoing priority for the surgeons at Stony Point Surgery Center. The Charity Care Program isn't a special event that only happens once a year; it's something that Stony Point Surgery Center aims to provide every single day of every single year, as they remain dedicated to making an impact. Their charitable partnerships and significant contributions, totaling to over $1.1 million each year, allow the doctors to develop a better, healthier and thriving local community.

About Stony Point Surgery Center

- Stony Point Surgery Center is Central Virginia's pre-eminent outpatient surgical facility. Founded in the tradition of the former Richmond Eye and Ear Hospital, Stony Point Surgery Center leads the industry in innovative hearing and vision corrective treatments. Stony Point Surgery Center provides a broad spectrum of routine and special healthcare services in addition to its specialization in Vision and Hearing practices. For more information about Stony Point Surgery Center, please visit their website at

$100,000/year donation from Richmond Eye & Hear Healthcare Alliance will fund research projects in the VCU Health System's Department of Orthopaedics.
Richmond, VA, December 6, 2010

A new partnership between Richmond Eye & Ear Healthcare Alliance (REEHA) and the Medical College of Virginia Foundation will provide over $500,000 for the VCU Health System's Department of Orthopaedics through December 2014. The multi-year research grant from REEHA marks the second major contribution since the opening of Stony Point Surgery Center (formerly Richmond Eye & Ear Surgical Specialty Center) opened its doors in 2002.

"This is an incredibly exciting new partnership between the REEHA and the [MCV] Foundation," said Robert S. Adelaar, MD, Chairman, Director of Orthopaedics, VCU Health System. "Bruce [Kupper] and his team are very active in the Health System, many of whom actually practice and teach in various departments at the University, and this is yet another way that they provide instrumental support for us."

"The [VCU] Health System has done so much for Stony Point Surgery Center in the past eight years and we are always looking for ways to repay the favors," said Bruce Kupper, CEO of Stony Point Surgery Center. "Additionally, this grant will enable VCU Health System's Department of Orthopaedics to fund various education and research projects for staff and students, as our two organizations continually strive to advance Richmond as a leader in medical research, education and practice."

According to the November agreement, Richmond Eye & Ear Hospital Alliance will provide the Medical College of Virginia Foundation with $100,000 each December through 2014, totaling to $500,000 over the five years. Other scientific funding provided by Stony Point Surgery Center to VCU since 2002 totals to more than $211,000. Stony Point Surgery Center has also funded medical research for the University of Virginia Health System, Eastern Virginia Medical School and Ohio State University, totally over $300,000.

Dr. Adelaar, along with School of Medicine Dean Jerome F. Strauss III, MD, PhD, MCV Foundation President William P. Kotti, PhD and VCU Health Sciences Vice President and VCU Health System CEO Sheldon M. Retchin, MD, MSPH, will receive the gift from Stony Point Surgery Center CEO Bruce Kupper, on behalf of Richmond Eye and Ear Healthcare Alliance.

Better Housing Coalition – To support the expansion of the Senior Health Initiative to include auditory and visual care services, including financial assistance for hearing aids and glasses and visual and auditory health screenings.

Bon Secours Richmond Health Care Foundation – To support CARE-A-VAN’s purchase of a titmus machine and audiometer, otoscopes, and ophthalmoscopes, and increased staff time of the pediatric nurse practitioner to complete comprehensive visual and hearing screenings.

Children's Hospital – To support the Pediatric Dental Program, to include care of children with maxillofacial deformities in clinical and surgical settings.

Commonwealth Catholic Charities – To provide reconditioned hearing aids

Central Virginia Health Services – To support the purchase of a retinoscope and training for staff at the Appomattox Area Health & Wellness Center on use of equipment and reading of scan results for uninsured patients.

Cross Over Ministry, Inc. – To support the Vision Care Program, including the purchase of new eye equipment and costs associated with the renovation and establishment of two fully equipped vision exam rooms

The Daily Planet – To support the establishment of the Eye Care Center within the Planet’s Health Care Clinic to serve the eye care needs of the homeless in Richmond

Prevent Blindness Mid-Atlantic – To provide school nurses with training and national certification as certified children’s vision screeners

Recording for the Blind & Dyslexic – To provide education materials, equipment, and training for the blind and/or visually impaired students.

Scottish Rite Childhood Language Center – To support the financial assistance program enabling families the opportunity to receive hearing screenings.

Special Olympics – To support Health Athletes Initiative providing health screenings for athletes attending the Summer Games

St. James the Less Free Clinic – To support the purchase of an optometric exam chair and eye clinic supplies.

Virginia Voice for the Print Handicapped – To provide support for the agency to provide printed material – newspapers, magazines, books, and other publications – to blind and severely visually and physically handicapped individuals in Central Virginia.

Challenge Discovery Projects, Inc. – To support the creation of the Parent-Child Advocate Program to provide outreach services, resource development and referral services for children and their families who are underserved, low-income, and who are deaf, hard of hearing, deaf blind or late deafened.