History & Mission

A woman who felt the joy of surgically restored eyesight vowed to bring the same opportunity to others. Click History & Mission for the rest of the story.

MEDARVA Pre-K Vision & Hearing Screening Program

The MEDARVA Pre-K Vision & Hearing Screening Program is an educational program, with a screening component, providing free state-of-the-art vision and hearing screenings to children about to enter kindergarten. Click Vision & Hearing Screening Program to learn more.

Outreach Funding

Our Foundation supports numerous worthy causes, places and programs throughout Central Virginia. Click Outreach Funding to learn more.

Scientific Funding

We are currently sponsoring research projects at VCU, UVA, EVMS, Texas Tech and Ohio State. Click Scientific Funding to learn more.

Low Vision Center

Since 1998 we have been helping the vision impaired in Richmond resume their daily living activities, regain their independence, and improve their quality of life. Click Low Vision Center to learn more.