MEDARVA Pre-K Vision & Hearing Screening Program

Mobile vision and hearing screenings prepare preschoolers for kindergarten

Did You Know:

  • One in four school children has vision impairment significant enough to affect learning.
  • The way a child learns is 80% visual, and 75% auditory.
  • Vision and hearing screening programs that use state-of-the-art equipment like ours have a much higher rate of identifying problems then basic eye and ear tests.

The MEDARVA Pre-K Vision & Hearing Screening Program is an educational program, with a screening component, providing free state-of-the-art vision and hearing screenings to children about to enter kindergarten.

MEDARVA Healthcare, the parent company of Stony Point Surgery Center, has been involved with vision and hearing screening programs for more than five years. We launched our own pre-K screening program after recognizing that 25% of pre-K students do not pass either the vision or hearing portion of the screening.

Free vision and hearing screenings are currently available for scheduling in the cities of Richmond and its surround counties, Colonial Heights, Hopewell, and Petersburg. If your preschool is interested in having a screening for its students, or wants to learn more about preschool vision and hearing, please contact us either by phone: 804-545-0294, or email

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